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Name Zombie Catchers
Publisher happymodi
Version 1.30.25
Size 68.3 MB
Requires Android

4.4 and up
Price FREE
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Unlimited Money
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Zombie Catchers MOD APK

The Zombie Catchers MOD APK without misspending any time, conveys you to the future into the zombie calamity where times have become so changed that the rather than being afraid and running away from the zombies, you get to access the shoes of the Zombie Catchers and you have to use your expertise and the best of the tool to catch as numerous zombies as you can. 

The game does not pause here because it offers you an option to turn the captured zombies into lip striking dishes and please your clients. Can it become any more fascinating? Yes! The best of the graphics take the playability to another stage.

What makes the Zombie Catchers distinct from all the zombie based Android gaming applications is the strange playability which is based upon the opposite story. Rather than the humans being scared of the zombies, they are looking to chase them out and transform them into tasty dishes that are the fan favorites. Your consumers have no idea that you operate a special business in addition to being a great zombie hunter. Catch the zombies and use them to create a variety of mouthwatering beverages and pastries that people adore. Additionally, there are many different chores and zombie species, so you won’t get bored. The most crucial aspect of Zombie Catchers mod apk is that you must capture a zombie without inflicting any particular harm on him. Purchase a variety of traps and tranquilisers that will stop the zombies to accomplish this.

With one of the amazing graphics, the playability matches the real life such as experience and not for once makes you feel that you are enjoying a digital game. The game is accessible completely free of charge.You can either play as Bud or A.J in this game. To go on to the following level, you must capture every zombie that is necessary for that level. This game’s gameplay is quite reminiscent of puzzle games in that you must find a solution as soon as possible, in this case, using a harpoon to catch zombies. You must first use cunning to entice them out of hiding. When you capture a zombie, you tie them up and use a balloon to launch them into the air. Your colleague will then crash the spacecraft into them and seize them after that. When you have more money, you can purchase additional tools like nets, electric guns, anaesthetic guns, traps, bombs, etc. There are numerous types.


Some features of Zombie Catchers MOD APK are here:

  • Sell zombies:

This is the most distinctive attribute that makes the game distinct from others. Here, you can not only capture the zombies but also transform them into yummy as well as juicy dishes and sell them to the clients in order to earn money. So, expand your business by capturing zombies as much as feasible with the aid of weapons.

  • Capture all the zombies: 

Zombie Catchers MOD APK will provide you harpoon guns and other cunning traps to capture zombies. Modded version will provide you all equipment, traps, jetpack, nets and all already unlocked.

  • Build traps: 

Make tasty juices, candies, cuisines, from your zombies in the firm and enhance your business and earn maximum profit out of it.

  • Discover new areas: 

You require discovering the latest locations and territories where you can set up your firms and business, gather new food products and enhance production.

  • Enhance production: 

Kill specific bosses, find the latest recipes, and enhance your production lines but if you have Zombie Catchers MOD APK then you will get improved.

  • Be a pro chaser: 

You can make your team stronger with drones to discover fresh areas and capture zombies with the latest weapons and more, you can obtain more plutonium and money with completing stages.

  • Extraordinary graphics: 

The graphics of this game is so extraordinary that it takes the playability to another stage. You will surely get visual pleasure while capturing the zombies. Furthermore, the movement of your character as well as the zombies looks very practical. Additionally, the graphics, the background music are very charming.

  • Underground lab:

This game is not all about capturing zombies. You have to play the game systematically. It will be quite tough for you to capture zombies without powerful equipment. Although, it has an underground lab where you can improve your equipment, and along with that, you can create strong portions through which you can capture zombies easily.The zombie genre is a favorite among game developers and filmmakers. They were once people, but a virus caused them to enter a state known as “half-dead, half-alive,” in which the body is still functional but the mind has vanished. The only functions of zombies are to consume live things and spread the sickness by biting them. Zombies have no fear in any video games or movies that I am aware of. When they are attracted, they move quickly and carelessly towards the target.

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