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Updated on 31August 2022


YouTube Pink APK

Everybody is aware of YouTube and every one of us utilizes it too. But there are yet few limitations that one can face on YouTube yet. To overpower the limitations that can be faced by YouTube it is suggested to install YouTube Pink APK on your gadgets. With this app, you will discover numerous of those characteristics which you cannot on the other version of YouTube, such as playing the videos even in the background too.

In this application, you can install the former version, you are free to experience the application without the restrictions that are carrying you back with the unpaid version. You will be able to enjoy viewing any video without the annoying advertisements. To bridle the limitations one can encounter by YouTube it is recommended to download YouTube Pink on Your Android gadgets.It is advised that you install YouTube Pink Apk on your devices to get beyond any limitations that YouTube may encounter. Many of the capabilities found in this programme are not available in the other version of YouTube, such as the ability to play videos even in the background.

The primary characteristics and strengths of this programme are control over screen brightness and no country restrictions. Keep reading the post if you want to find out more about the application’s further features.

With this application, you will discover numerous characteristics which you cannot find on the other versions of YouTube, such as enjoying the videos even in the background too. In this application, you can control screen brightness, no constraint over the countries are the major characteristics and highlights of this application. With the internet, you can access several websites and applications that deliver numerous characteristics but with this application, you can enjoy YouTube with various distinctive characteristics.


Installing the older version of this software gives you the freedom to use it without being constrained by the restrictions of the free version. Without the annoying adverts, you may view any video to your heart’s content. It is advised to install YouTube Pink on your Android devices in order to mitigate the limitations that can be imposed by the site. You can get a lot of capabilities with this app that you can’t get with other YouTube apps, such as the ability to play videos even in the background. This app’s main features and highlights include the ability to alter screen brightness and the lack of country restrictions.Features:

Some characteristics of YouTube Pink APK are here:

  • Screen brightness:

If your screen brightness is bothering you and burning your eyes you will no longer adjust the brightness of the screen from the notification section. You can easily fix the brightness of your video being played by downhilling the screen of the video. Brightness can be controlled according to your own preference.

  • Videos on-replay:

You can enjoy the video on replay. If you like any video despite its class then play it on repeat it will play your video on repeat regardless in the foreground or background.

  • No limitation:

As in numerous YouTube videos, you experience the limitation of age and the country. But with pink YouTube, you are not going to experience the limitations of the country and age.

  • No advertisements:

This version of YouTube is not going to exhibit any advertisements over the videos. So view as many video advertisements as unpaid. Videos of any length will be viewed without the disturbance of the advertisements.

  • Double press:

Rather than closing the videos and app, you can create your YouTube sleep instantly by double-tapping on the screen. Press anywhere on the screen of YouTube Pink, the YouTube will sleep right away.

  • Replay Videos:

This is another attribute of Youtube Pink that you can view the video for a limitless time. Once the video has ended you can view it again or the video will repeat again. The best attribute is when you are enjoying your favorite songs and special audio.

  • Download videos:

It’s not a new attribute on Pink Youtube that you can download videos from YouTube but there is something distinctive as well in this attribute. The best version of YouTube only permits a few videos to be downloaded. But with this model, you can download any video unpaid.Pink YouTube Apk can be downloaded for free if you have an Android  or tablet smartphone. The most updated and best-modified version of YouTube is available for free download right here. With a pink color scheme, it offers a decent user interface.

The YouTube videos of all your favorite producers are simple to watch, download, and enjoy in the background, among other features. All of those features are exclusive to the YouTube Pink Apk, which runs incredibly well for all smartphone models.

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