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Version 3.1.4
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Requires 5.1
Updated 17/5/2022



Worms Zone is a fun action game full of venturesome moves, and extra characteristics. The game directs to have its very own style which is fresh considering the resemblances that it transfers with other games in the snake category. The main purpose of Worms Zone is to make your worm bigger and bigger by eating other worms and all the refreshments inside them.

Worms Zone APK (No Death) is the latest and upgraded version that contains a different set of improvements and latest characteristics. In particular, snake and squirrel games, you will begin playing as a simple and little worm that seeks to eat little things until it reaches the suitable length. Try to obtain the highest score and make your worm the largest of the bunch before automatically being pulled out of the ground and used as fisherman’s bait.

How can we play Worms Zone?

The game started as an easy browser game for bored people at work or school to play on their break (or when they were supposed to be working on an urgent project). Although, playing the game on a mobile phone is slightly different to playing it on a desktop. You’ll have less hold over your worm on the small screen of a mobile phone than you would if you were playing on a PC, so you should keep in mind some tips and tricks to make the most of the game while you’re nourishing and to not become food for other worms.

When you surround another worm, you’ll damage it, and it will leave behind a series of food like hamburgers, sweets, and other things that worms surely eat all the time. Indeed, you’ll want to ensure that you’re keeping away from bumping into other worms, otherwise you’ll be a refreshment for them, and you’ll have to begin your tour of domination all over again.


Some features of Worms Zone APK are here:

No Death:

With the aid of a Worms Zone APK no death attribute you can gain the ultimate life in the game.

God Mode:

With the aid of Worm Zone APK, you can enjoy the God Mode in which you will be secure from any kind of threat.

Unlimited Money:

The Worm Zone APK will make you capable of obtaining limitless money in the game.

Free Shopping:

You can buy whatever you desire with the limitless money you get.

No advertisements:

You can enjoy your game without interference.

Totally secure:

You are completely secure from starting to the very end of the game.

Skins Unlocked:

As you go to the next stage you will undoubtedly unlock skin for your fresh appearance.

Limitless everything:

Once you begin playing Worms Zone APK on your mobile phone. Then you can get limitless and use more awesome add-ons.

Friendly Interface:

You will not require a lot of expertises to play the latest version on your Android phone. Where the user interface is simple and has easy and stunning playability.


Worms Zone APK (No Death) is a version that includes great fresh characteristics and items. Where you can obtain the latest game modes. Simultaneously, unlocking more characters and more difficult stages. With HD graphics and user interface friendly to all participants. Also, you can unlock all skins as the advertisements have been deleted. However, the game is accessible in small size and is appropriate with all versions of Android and iOS.


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