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App Name Webtoon
Version 2.10.8
Publisher happymodi
Size 20MB
Genre Comics
Requirements Android 5.1
Rating 2.4/5 (10 votes)
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Webtoon MOD APK

Webtoon is a popular comic or story application for Android gadgets with above than 72 million readers every day and filled with epic sagas, manga, anime and thousands of thrilling stories to read across above than 23 genres, such as comedy, horror, thriller, romance and many more.

Stream fresh blockbusters such as The God of High School, Tower of God, Noblesse, Sweet Home and much more. You can also utilize it on any Android platform such as mobile, TV and more. There are a lot of real comics for you, and you can also find the latest voices on CANVAS, as numerous creators self publish their comics in it.

There are more than 72 million readers every day and over two million designers on it. So it’s a very vast group of people. You can obtain a lot of amazing comics representing cultures across the globe, religion and more. It can provide you with a broad outlook of the world.There has been something of an information explosion caused by media technologies and different communication methods. And thanks to technology, we can now enjoy comic books that depict real-world events. Around the world, there are millions of comic book fans who devote nearly 5 to 10 hours every day to reading comics. Though they have a very convoluted history, manga, manhwa, Japanese, and Korean comics are now widely acknowledged art forms. These comics were first published in the 1920s and have since amassed millions of readers.

It creates a beautiful relationship between designers and readers. As it directly notifies the reader’s fresh episodes/chapters of comics and much more. So that the relationship between them is intensified.Comic books are now regarded as the ninth major human artistic creation since they have become more popular than ever before. When it comes to the comics industry, Japan’s Manga can be considered to be the top country. However, this business has been drastically changing as a result of the popularity of comics in Western nations and a few significant Asian nations. One of the nations that focuses on developing this form of entertainment is Korea.


Some features of Webtoon MOD APK are here:

  • Wide comic book store:

In this application, you obtain a large library of comics from which you obtain millions of comics where you obtain books such as action, romance, fantasy, drama, and comedy. In addition to this, you obtain millions of comic series. With this application, you can read the story of any class. You will obtain all the comics free of charge.

  • Find award-winning and customized series:

Android users have an approach to distinct winning and customized series that will influence you a lot. In this application, you can freely examine all comics monthly, daily and all time. Its content is verified, it is upgraded constantly from time to time. This app is a versatile app which offers the best service for people.

  • Friendly user interface:

The user interface of Webtoon is very well created and is tailored in an easy way and all over the globe. This application was created by Webtoon Entertainment. You can simply approach it. There are 23 classes given by the comic web company. Here, you will become an originator while uploading short stories in this region.

  • Unlocked all:

If you are a person who has an attachment to comics and you want to become a big originator. So, you should not keep downloading this application. With this application, you will obtain a lot of experience and learn fresh expertise. In addition to that, you obtain premium characteristics such as unlocked all in it, in which you obtain all the items unlocked. You can utilize all of these products for free of charge.

  • Advertisements-free:

People who like to read comics can play any comic of their choice on their Android gadget with the aid of this app. Most users are facing ads related problems while utilizing any application. But, on Webtoon MOD APK, you will not have to observe any type of ads here.

WEBTOON relies heavily on categories since they systematically organize all information in a way that makes it easy for users to search. Each K-webtoon includes a variety of styles, many of which are categorized by particular tags, from which the system will automatically list and show relevant search results. The integrated filter is flexible and will constantly assist users in limiting their search while finding fresh material.

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