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Name Vegas Crime Simulator
Version 6.2.5
Developer Happymodi
Size 103 MB
Category Action
Requires 4.1
Price Free
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 What Is Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK?

The Vegas Crime Simulator is a game that appears as the perfect personification of its name. The game lets the participant enter the world of criminals and experience what it takes to be the top group in the neighborhood.  The game is created using amazing graphics which not for once make the gamer feel, such as they are enjoying a digital game. 

The game is approached to the gamer completely free of charge. The gaming modes and difficulty stages are created to test the expertises of the gamer. For anybody who wants to experience what it takes to be an actual criminal out there, the Vegas Crime Simulator is the best game out there. The revised edition of the free game has grown more intriguing and entertaining. The game features a sizable, open 3D world, stunning 3D graphics, and all the necessary game elements.

There are many contrasts throughout the game where there is a gangster confrontation. The game features enjoyable gaming mechanics, engaging missions, and numerous enemy encounters.

The game pulls you to the street of the imaginary town of Vegas where the gamer will be placed in the shoes of the prospective criminal. They will then have to move along with the game and fulfill each stage by climbing up to the top of the ladder and becoming the best criminal out there.


According to the writers’ theory, a criminal with no regard for morality suddenly appeared in the city. You must play this criminal, whose toolkit includes robberies, hijackings, and thefts. The cult classic Grand Theft Auto serves as the inspiration for this project, which can generally be identified not only by its gameplay but also by its interface and graphic elements. A sizable open world with a variety of vehicles and goods has been tried and implemented by the creators.

Some features of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK are here:

  • Fight openly:

There does not come across to be any difference in the continuous interchange between the Vegas Crime Simulator and GTA. The participant will see the noticeable image of a person wearing some pants from the start of the game and a T-shirt with a blue flower, with a Vegas road scene swarming. Participants handle characters, battle openly, move, loot, and demolish everything.

  • Distinctive weapons:

Vegas Crime Simulator permits participants to utilize a range of fancy weapons not at all, such as GTA. If you are fortunate, you can find and handle a robot to attack the city. Furthermore, there are fascinating weapons, like violent throwers, automatic 6-barrel rifles, or katana. You must utilize it dynamically with any gun or weapon. It is considered by everybody as a real Mafia. In the game, you will accept clear orders and accept prizes rapidly.

  • Simple control:

Initially, Android gamers in Vegas Crime Simulator can rapidly enjoy the simple and open touch held in this portable title. Go on and take the benefit of beneficial controls if you never walk around the city, battle and shoot and, in any situation, drive distinct cars. The fluctuating, streamlined control options make sure that you are free to enjoy the amazing transferable game.

  • Corruption level:

Such as GTA, your level of corruption will enhance when you make moves that disturb security or exploit the law. You can discover your wrongdoing by the stars in the upper left corner. The more stars you obtain, the more notable your wrongdoing is and the police or even the army will require you.

  • Unique expertises:

You can enjoy the distinctive and amazing expertises you will never discover in any game. Indeed, you won’t discover such things in GTA productions. Gems for Vegas Crime Simulator MOD You’ll be taken to a criminal underworld where you can do whatever you want or carry out objectives. Kill robbers or bandits on the streets, steal automobiles, acquire powerful weapons, and seize control of Vegas. You’ll aid our hero in realizing his dream of controlling the criminal underworld. You won’t grow bored with new weapons and ammunition. Have as much fun as you like while looking for the coolest automobiles and helicopters.

One game that seems to perfectly embody its moniker is The Vegas Crime Simulator. The game allows the user to step inside the mafia lifestyle and learn what it takes to rule the area. The best graphics were used in the game’s design, so the player never ever gets the impression that they are playing a virtual game. The player gets given access to the game for nothing at all. The game modes and difficulties are made to put the player’s abilities to the test.

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