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App Name Traffic Rider
Version 1.81
Size 115MB
Requires 4.4 and Up
Category Games
Price Free
Installs 100,000,000+
Updated 24-08-2022



Whai Is Traffic Rider MOD APK?

Traffic Rider is a first-person racing game where you get behind the handgrips of a motorcycle and drive at fast speed through traffic. The paths are always straight highways, so while you go by other cars, you don’t ever have to take tension about intense turns ahead. This game has actually very amazing graphics which fascinate the gamer to play this game again and again. 

The style of play is virtually similar to Traffic Racer, from the like creators. You speed up by pressing the right handgrips and stop by pressing the left one. To bend the bike from side to side, just angling your gadget, a spontaneous motion that is also very well executed. As usual, when you go by another car, cut it as close as feasible for more points (or to play longer, relying on the game mode). the renowned Moto game for Android from Skgames! In order to go quickly through the motorways in this game, pick the trendiest and most potent bike, upgrade it, and head off on an adventure.

In Traffic Rider, there are 20 distinct motorcycles to pick from. Initially, you can only utilize a low-power bike, but you’ll quickly unlock larger and more powerful ones. The best element is that you can race them through many distinct places at distinct times of day: early morning, noon, night.

Traffic Rider is an eye-catching racing game in every way: it has numerous game modes, dozens of racing events, stunning visuals, and, most significantly, a playability that’s excellently adapted to touchscreens. One of the great motorcycle games on Android definitely.


Some features of Traffic Rider MOD APK are here:

  • Stunning HD Graphics:

 The great thing about this game is that it has some actually amazing and HD graphics. You will have to ride through towns and highways which have very comprehensive graphics. There are also day and night variations accessible in this game which will provide you two distinct modes and graphics distinct of both of them. There are numerous seasons in this game to such as snowfall and rain which makes it look more breathtaking. When you will enjoy this game, then you will observe the beauty of it.

  • Career mode with goals:

Aside from playing as a guest to attempt this game, it also has career mode with goals to make progress in game. This game has motorbikes sounds which are noted from original motorbikes, so it will provide you incredible sound too. When you will enjoy this game then you can unlock 30+ acquirement and can enroll yourself in online leader boards. The quicker you will ride on the bike, the more scores you will obtain in the game.

  • Original motorbikes to ride:

 This game will provide you a possibility to ride original motorbikes in this digital world. There are total 26 motorbikes to pick from, and they will get unlocked as you will complete the goals and enjoy the game. Another best thing about this game is that you can also set the camera angle while riding the bikes. For instance, you can shift the camera view to first person camera view if you want to obtain an original bike riding experience.

  • Available Worldwide:

This game is developed in 19 languages which means it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can always download and enjoy this game. In numerous countries, this game is on the top most famous games list, so if you haven’t enjoyed this game yet, then you should use it once. By incorporating a full career mode, a first person view perspective, improved visuals, and real life recorded bike sounds, Traffic Rider elevates the endless racing genre to a whole new level. Smooth arcade racing’s core is still present, but in a more modern shell. Ride your bike along the never-ending highways that pass by

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