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App Name Top War Battle Game
Version 1.307.0
Publisher happymodi
Size 815MB
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Download 10,000,000+
Last Updated
September 14, 2022



This is one of the great apps from other games. It was created, developed, and provided by Topwar Studio and has over 10,000,000 installs with an average rating of 4.4, and the total number of ratings on this app on the Google Play Store is 634,308.

The Top War MOD APK is a master plan game in a former desert village. You are tasked with defeating as many villages as feasible, incorporating those belonging to your rivals. It becomes increasingly tough to attain this mission as you progress through the levels due to enhanced defensive abilities from rival participants. You can always get better, whether it’s a model or a construction, as long as they’re together! High Battle is a contemporary strategy game that allows you to merge two objects together to instantly improve gameplay. No more waiting around for long improvement times! Military forces from the Land, Navy, and Air Drive have gathered! Hire and develop heroes with special skills, then command the three armies to victory!

Although, with a little arrangement and patience, one can win over any rivals. This is a planned game that you will enjoy in the original-time. You begin with some heroes, but as the game goes forwards, you get experience and gold, which can be utilized to purchase upgrades for your units, buildings, and heroes. 

The graphics are amazing, and the playability is smooth, with no lingering. As you go forward into the game, your heroes have more dares to do. Initially, you must learn how to utilize each unit efficiently before moving on to more complicated dares, but it’s not intricate, so don’t worry.You must build a rate base for the army training programme in order to hire individuals and train them to support you in various types of combat. As the game offers a lot of variety in the combat area, you can engage in a variety of fighting games including Battle of Kingdoms, Battle Robots, Throne Snowdown, and dealing with wild creatures to show off your fighting skills. In essence, it will provide you with a battleground unlike any other.


Some features of Top War MOD APK are here:

  • Combine to upgrade:

Lifting structures is the biggest thing to do, and you can improve units and buildings. Top War Battle Game is creative, and it provides a merge to improve the gaming style. This removes the need to delay for a long time. All you require is to combine units and buildings together if you want to improve them. The improvement will take place instantaneously and will leave you shocked. Enjoy Top War to discover out.

  • Enlist heroes:

There are so numerous renowned heroes for you to enlist when playing. This incorporates navy, air force, and land army soldiers. Collect as many as you can to make your fights simpler. To obtain the best from these soldiers, you can use distinctive expertises to improve them.

  • Multiple class options:

You can be competent and craft distinct magical guns when you enjoy Top War. Another option is to become a fighter and battle, such as a Combat Elite. You’d be provided distinct options to pick from. This incorporates Grand Marshals, Outstanding Scientists, Renowned Craftsmen, and Tactical Masters.

  • Construct an island base:

At the start, you’d be on a vacant island. Although, you can construct your base and train your soldiers. Make sure that you create this base stylish enough by using distinct decorations and buildings. Take out your distinctive style as you continue constructing.You would team up with the Liberty Alliance in this game. This will enable you to engage in combat fearlessly and strengthen your leadership skills. Topwar Studio, a well-known game developer on the Google Play Store, has released a new strategic game called Top War Battle Game. Play this game with millions of others and take advantage of the thrilling action it offers.

  • Enjoy online with other participants:

Download Top War and bring your gaming experience to the next stage. Enjoy online with other participants across the globe. You can do this through the distinct fight modes. This incorporates Wild Monsters, Throne Showdowns, War Robots, and Fight of Kingdoms.  The purpose is for you to control and battle for glory.You will create magic weapons in Top War; Battle Game Mod Apk, and as a result, you’ll have a lot of power over your troops. With the help of your grand marshals, artisans,tactical masters and scientists, you can easily ward off the enemy from the field by using their intelligence to develop strong magical weapons.

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