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Version 1.4.9
Developer Bearbit Studios B.V.
Requires 4.1 and up
Size 35.03 MB
Updated 18/2/2022



Car games are always famous in spite of the season. This is one of the most famous and classical categories in the world of gaming thanks to games such as requirement for speed and many more. They are famous because they’re fun, easy to play yet inspiring as well. If you’re a fan of these kinds of games, then you’ll like and enjoy this one! Smashy Road Wanted is a car racing game started by Bearbit Studios B.V. This game has more than 10 million downloads now in Google Play Store alone! 

What is Smashy Road Wanted?

Car racing games are widespread in the market today. Smashy Road is one of the incredible racing games around the world. There are almost more than 90 incredible cars for you to unlock and use during the game. You can also drive through grassy plots, valleys, deserts and all other foreign places so that you enjoy it a lot. When you are driving a car, and you hear the sound of a siren blowing at the back of you, you cannot stop, so you press the accelerator even very forcefully. But that is not a simple process because the cars afterwards you do the same.

In such a venturesome and suspense filled environment, you understand that you are being chased. There is nothing more in going for the fundamental version accessible on the Google Play Store which makes you feel thrilled about downloading the app. But to resolve this problem, the internet provides the mod APKs which can be downloaded with the same comfort.

Smashy Road Wanted mod APK gives an amazing benefit of having limitless coins which makes you buy any product from the store without having any fear of the price tags. Actually this is fun for hours. The infinite quantity of coins promise that for any logical individual, the mod APK works as a better alternative than the fundamental version out there.

Characteristics of Smashy Road

  • As previously said, Smashy Road does not let you get bored because it exaggerates an incredible group of more than ninety(90) cars which the player can unlock throughout the season of the game. The game promised to keep you associated.
  • The game keeps you estimating as it uses the awesome random environment generation. There are a lot of foreign places like grasslands and deserts which keeps you connected throughout. The random environment adds a thrilling venture and suspense to the game.
  • The game has very great visuals and sound which makes the gaming experience very breathtaking and more real life like. There is no enjoyment in experiencing a car chase when you cannot hear the sound of wheels scrapping and the sound of the engine speed. Without sound you all people can’t enjoy this game with excitement level. That’s why sound is the most precise thing in the game. 
  • All the wonderful unlocked cars have their own stunning set of characteristics. So the game permits you to continue to hunt for the ideal car which has the demanded set of facilities which match your personality. Smashy Road Wanted permits you to drive the best car and enjoy the game!

What is the point of Smashy Road?

This article will tell you how to obtain a high score and more money in Smashy Road Wanted, the free-to-play iOS and Android game every person seems to be playing. The object is easy: keep away from the cops as long as feasible while causing mayhem. Over time the wanted level upgrades, concluding more police on your tail. It’s the type of game where one fault may affect getting busted, but these tricks will keep you on the run a bit longer. 

  • Destroy stuff to increase your score
  • Fit through narrow spaces
  • Avoid unbreakable pieces
  • Go off-road
  • Vehicles handle distinctly

Final Thoughts

Smashy Road Wanted game permits you to be a part of a breathtaking car chase where you can enjoy 90 plus unlocked cars and drive through arbitrarily changing environments. The game has wonderful visuals and amazing sound characteristics which gives the game an awesome gaming experience. The smashy road mod game refreshes your mood very well. The download link works great for every user incorporating those who cannot use the Google Play Store and promises an approach to the latest working version of Smashy Road mod APK.

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