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App Name Nova Launcher Prime
Publisher Happymodi
Version V8.0.2
Size 10MB
Requires 5.0
Price Free
Category App
Updated 03-08-2022



What Is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Nova Launcher has the capability to activate your Android device with a whole fresh look. Your home screen becomes more distinctive and modern. Thanks to the charm of this app. The phone slowly becomes a significant friend of humans. It assists us to communicate, entertain, it can even aid us in many things at work. If you begin to feel the default interface of the Android operating system is uninteresting and unexciting, Nova Launcher will assist your phone become more personal and modern.The pattern of versatile personalization is progressively common today. In the event that you have a place with a gathering who articulate their thoughts on cell phones, you can’t disregard Nova Launcher Prime. It is viewed as a pragmatic application with a great deal of highlights. In spite of the fact that it upholds such countless capabilities, its ability is negligible. Simultaneously, it likewise possesses a level point of interaction plan, generally straightforward for you to effectively utilize.

Nova Launcher is a customized application by TeslaCoil. It operates as an Android phone’s launcher, permitting you to tailor the look, themes, and layout of applications on the home screen. However, creators of Android phones are always attempting to upgrade the look of the operating system, you know, style requires being personal. Not all people are satisfied with a single interface and layout, so they shift to applications such as Nova Launcher that aid them design their own style of Android devices.This is fixed rendition, completely opened prime capabilities. No great key is required. Assuming that your ROM accompanied Nova Launcher you’ll need to eliminate it prior to introducing this.


Assuming you own a cell phone with an Android working framework and need to revive the default connection point of your telephone with a new launcher apk in your own style, Nova Launcher Prime apk is an extraordinary application that you ought to use to focus on it. This application will stun you with its delightful launchers and pursuing every ongoing bearing. Utilizing this Launcher mod apk, you will never again feel that your telephone is constantly defaulted by any point of interaction, however it will make clients more propelled to involve the telephone and train for it.

Some features of Nova Launcher Prime APK are here:

  • Supreme gestures:

Do you know why Nova Launcher Prime is classified as #1 top paid in the comprehension category by Google Play Store? Yeah, it’s because of additional Pro characteristics, but the most important helper is gestures. In this technology, gestures are the only material that can aid us simplify our duties and every day mobile usage. Fortunately, Nova Launcher Prime APK provides you additional 20 cool gestures to make your everyday material mere! Time to utilize them all!

  • Hide applications attribute:

We all have secrets and uncertainties that we can’t express in public, not even our closest fellows. Therefore, not every phone comprises an application hiding attribute. And instantly, we have the Nova Launcher Prime APK, where you can obtain a free Hide applications feature to utilize on any Android device and conceal your protected applications to avoid leaking any pivotal data to anybody.

  • Tailor gestures:

Gestures are fresh and damn difficult when they become persistent. But do you know what can become more persistent than smooth gestures? It’s the tailor’s gestures. Yeah, people keep their designed things more in the brain than technology. That’s why the Nova Launcher Prime APK provides you a tailor gesture attribute, where you can design your gestures related to your simplicity of approach and make things simpler.

  • Application drawer categories:

Free and default things are uninteresting, and an actual enjoyment is hidden in the premium material. Although, the premium Nova Launcher prime provides you application drawer categories, where you can design tailor tabs for an ultra-arranged feel. Time to become ultra-fresh with this ultra-arranged feel! Yeah, you can obtain it without any cost through the Nova Launcher Prime APK. The modified version with multiple extra advantages and an open-root interface.

  • No advertisements:

The next issue you would normally face with the real version of Nova Launcher and no prime operated would be a little advertisement disturbance. A man can tolerate advertisements on applications, but advertisements on UI are the assassins, and you can’t tolerate them simply. Try utilizing Nova Launcher Prime APK, as this prime version provides you all the pivotal in-application characteristics without expressing you any banner or video ad.

the best launcher for Android gadgets. It has numerous helpful elements, and everybody can redo their Android. Make an alternate perspective on the menu and the fundamental screen. Make gadgets and tickers, change the symbols and style of utilizations.

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