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App Name MT Manager
Latest Version 2.11.1
Size 10M
Developer Happymodi
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MT Manager is a flexible advantage that assists manage files or the complete structure of the gadget, incorporating copying or handling folders, with sprightliness. The most magnificent thing is the capability to hinder with programs and at the same time aid edit APK files such as walking in the park thanks to its permanent editor. That app is also a remarkable selection for coders when they handle files simply on mobile platforms.

MT Manager is an app that operates on the principle of converting the phone into a terminal to assume command of your files. The program has an approach to all the phone’s memory and doesn’t require an internet connection. The program permits you to classify your files by type, size, or date. You can also create backups, share data simply, and search for any detail on your phone.

The Activity Record attribute is an attractive one. It primarily records everything you do on this app so that you can go back and look over it. This attribute makes sure that your data is less endangered to safety risks by giving you complete activity details in one place.

One of the great things that I like most about this app is that it exhibits how much storage space is accessible on the gadget, which is very useful for those with restricted memory capacities. With this app you can upload files to your Android phone, browse them with ease and delete the ones you don’t require any longer. You can also download files at quick speeds or arrange them into sub-folders to make them simpler to approach.


MT Manager is an exceedingly versatile mobile application. It can manage the files of your computer and intervene in the APK files of all programs. To understand more deeply about each characteristic and many specific charming aspect penalties of MT Manager, please take a look at this quick review.  

There are so many stunning applications today accessible, such as MT Manager. You can utilize this application to do these remarkable things.

Edit any application:

This application was created to provide you ultimate power, so you can tailor any application today. With this application, you’re capable of editing just about any application today, thanks to a lot of tools accessible here. There’s a file control system here where you can delete, transfer, and copy files simply. Here, you can approach the system directory and enjoy ascending the file system as read-write.

Then, you can also unlock any ZIP file similar to WinRAR, where you can compress files, add/replace outside files, and so on. Then, you can also appreciate important editing tools that will let you tailor any application.

File management:

With MT Manager, you’re capable of appreciating managing any files today. Here, you can transfer, copy and delete files as you provide root advantage to the application. You can then manage any files on your phone as rapidly as you alter them and love them more.  User interactions are moreover completely optimized, and it has many thrilling hand gestures to maximize work efficiency. Of course, it comes with a lot of preferences to alternate the look, like darkish mode or wide-ranging design customization for absolute comfort.  

Text editor, picture viewer, and many more:

The application also lets you appreciate several tools such as text editor, picture viewer, script executor, font previewer, text contrast, etc. The application allows you to exchange just about anything you can on an application.

You can customize any application to your style, color scheme, and theme that you desire today. There’s no need to understand how to code as the application lets you simply edit applications with these functions accessible.

Editing characteristics:

MT Manager also features important tools such as xml editor, arsc editor, dex editor, and much more. You can clone applications, optimize, clear away signature verification, and much more.  Many fine APK enhancing features, like dex editor, arsc editor, xml editor. you can moreover sign apk, optimize apk, clone apk, do away with signature verification, confuse apk resource, anti-confuse apk resource, translate app.  You’re also free to discard any restrictions on the available version of any application, so you can enjoy all of its characteristics instantaneously!

MT Manager Application Conclusion

The MT Manager VIP is a wonderful Android device that you can download and install on your phone. You can edit any APK file at once or get admission to the records from any app. The device is free to download. The application of MT manager can be used for many purposes.  You can use the software program to alter or hack the data of Android video video games (mostly the rate of the resource), in much much less than a minute. MT Manager, which is a gorgeous app for hacking the app data of video video games and apps, is moreover on hand to rooted users.   

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