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App Name WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp)
Developer happymodi
Version v9.41
Size 55.1 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
License FreeWare
Category WAMODS
Latest Update 1 day ago

JTWhatsApp APK

JTWhatsApp is a creative alternative to the real WhatsApp MOD, with many characteristics that will not be accessible in the real WhatsApp. WhatsApp already has restricted characteristics, and with new real WhatsApp privacy updates, the total WhatsApp fan community has been reorganized.

JTWhatsApp is actually a modified category of WhatsApp. It is utilized every day to chat with friends, send images, transfer videos, chat in groups, and many more. It has now become one of the most significant tools in our everyday life, but sadly, even after the incorporation of videos and photos, recently it has become a bit awkward in terms of modification and functionality.Developers make mods based on existing mods in addition to creating them from the original app. Users are still searching for more, even if WhatsApp Plus is one of the more well-known mods of the messaging app. It was created for this purpose, JTWhatsApp.

By going above and above the norm, Jimtechs’ mod was created. It allows you to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile device and is crammed with features to meet the needs of users.

With many features not present in the original WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp is a cutting-edge substitute for the official WhatsApp MOD. Even though WhatsApp has only a few features, the most recent official privacy update has upset the entire WhatsApp user base.

Therefore, many users discover a means to use alternative WhatsApp applications like GBWhatsApp, Fouad, FMWhatsApp,  WhatsAppand more in order to address all the issues that arise from the original WhatsApp. One such app with built-in anti-ban features is this one.

That is why the latest patterns of these famous messages are coming out again and again, and this is one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp which incorporates an anti-blocking system and extra functions to the real version. You can enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on a similar Android device.


Some features of JTWhatsApp APK are here:

  • Anti-Revoke:

In this situation, it is one of the best characteristics which appear with this Android app. I think everybody needs to know the actual message which is planned to be deleted. If you allow this option, then the conductor won’t delete the messages for you. So, you can simply understand the text message. No more fancies.

  • Transferring Media Files:

No one will provide you with transmitting files that are approximately 700 MB, but JTWhatsapp APK download is giving you this option. Users consider it the best attribute of the two. The best and extra point about it is that it also allows you to transfer high-quality photos with friends and family.

  • Hide Last Seen:

If you want to utilize WhatsApp nameless, then this option aids you to do that. Generally, it hides the last seen of yours, and even you can’t view the last seen of your contacts.

  • Cover Status View:

You can privately follow other people with this option. Once you allow this option, then your view doesn’t add up to the status of others.

  • Media Transferring:

JTWA consists of millions of characteristics such as other MODs. It has a video sharing restriction of approximately 2 GB, full picture resolution, and many more. Definitely, JTWhatsApp APK is still superior to the real one. We hope they will add extra options instantly.

  • Privacy:

The beautiful application appears with sufficient privacy options, which are claimed by the people. These are abundant for modern people, and they can simply set up with these. So, there is no need to take tension about this option. These can apply to groups such as contacts, groups, and broadcasts.

  • Customization:

You can tailor every section of the application. This is also the great thing that you can obtain with the JTWhatsApp. Come up to the UI, it has few default designs like transparent, custom color, wallpaper, and gradient. And you can modify tick styles and bubble styles also from settings.

In this article, we learn that you can use JTWhatsApp Download Latest 2022 Version’s features just as much as you can with your beloved WhatsApp features. The anti-ban features are already included in it. We are aware that they will be immediately banned if WhatsApp crawls his addon on any other WhatsApp MOD applications. However, that won’t happen with the JTWhatsApp Apk. It is incorporated with anti-ban features, protecting your WhatsApp from being suspended from WhatsApp. Stay connected with us till the end of the article to learn more about JTWhatsApp’s New Version 2022. You will receive all the information you require about the WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp) APK from us.

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