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App Name GTA: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Version 2.00
Size 1.95 GB
Developer Happymodi
Price Free
Category Games
Mod info Unlimited Money
Updated 14-07-2022



 What is GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas is one of few famous Rockstar GTA series. It’s one of the great games in the PlayStation 2 comfort list since only a few of these games made PlayStation 2 the top most memorable console. GTA San Andreas game was advertised in 2004, and it is still one of the highest-vending games of PlayStation 2 record.

GTA San Andreas city map is the fictitious arrangement of San Andreas city. At the beginning, this game was feasible to enjoy only on PlayStation 2 and Personal Computer, but now it is playable on every gadget.

The game’s story is the fictitious novel of the year 1992, about a gangster called CJ (Carl Johnson) who comes back to San Andreas city. He had a club of companions in San Andreas with whom he did a lot of infringements individually. And also make some new companions by his work like Big Smoke, Ryder and many more.

In this version of GTA, there are a few more remarkable characteristics that everybody wanted in its last games, like gymming, eating food from shops, and a lot more. And graphic quality is also increased in GTA San Andreas APK 2022.


Some features of GTA San Andreas APK are here:

  • Variety of driving vehicles accessible:

In GTA San Andreas, a lot of concentration is provided to the vehicles. You will observe upgraded cars frequently, where the BMX Bike and Police Motorcycle get the most attention. The preceding series in the game did not provide a bike as a vehicle.

The vehicles in the game also have tailored springs that permit you to try thrilling moves in your car while achieving your goals. In addition, the game also introduces the plan of flying an airplane, which is an amazing feature and was not accessible previously.San Andreas 2022 has been launched to unique and with gorgeous elements model 2.00. The Premium elements of Grand Theft AutoSan Andreas require value to use, so GTA San Andreas Mod APK download is very essential reachable and free to download. In this article, we will furnish you with the 2022 present day two MOD versions.   

  • Better driving:

GTA San Andreas APK also offers the opportunity of shooting while driving. You can shoot your rivals and other robbers while riding a bike. You can also shoot while in the car but only when you are in the rider seat and one of your gangsters is driving the vehicle. In the game, recreation fanatics can get vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft, tanks and one-of-a-kind vehicles. You can in addition use a range of weapons to combat. Finally, in the game, you have to devour substances to obtain electrical electricity to keep your life. Now begin exploring the city.   

  • Dive in the waters:

The game also offers the attribute of swimming. Thus, you can jump into the water and dive across as long as you have sufficient stamina.

  • Boost your health:

You can visit food shops that are exposed on the map and boost your health. Find the nearby food facility and select between places such as a pizza shop, burger shop, bar, and more where you can and deliver yourself a treat.

  • Target your rivals:

In this series of GTA games, you can simply set an accurate target and shoot. The preceding versions did not have good shooting expertises. But, with GTA San Andreas APK, it is very simple to hit somebody out.San Andreas affords all the cracking preferences which you need, diamonds and special { currencies,limitless gold coins,  unlocking all skins , props,characters and levels. You can time out the incredible krypton gold day time out barring spending any penny with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas two Mod APK.     

  • Find your friends and collaborate to play:

It is maybe the best attribute of the game, as you can play with companions through this digital environment. You only go to confidential hiding places in the game from where you can begin to play with one of your companions. The principal character-Carl Johnson, who acquired right here to his vicinity at the beginning of Los Santos, the area he was once as soon as now no longer larger than 10 years. Missing his native land, Carl remembers the past, stuffed with criminal showdowns and exclusive illegal things. The builders of GTA San Andreas APK left the worthwhile chips of preceding games, as well as brought a variety of new features. 

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