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Name Colossus APK
Publisher happymodi
Latest Version 1.1.1089460
Price Free
Requires Android

Android 4.0+
Size 138M
Genre Strategy
Update 1 Day Ago


Colossus APK

This is an online master plan building game app produced by Star Wings. The major purpose of the game is to retrieve the world from desertification. And also demolish the corrupt shadow crops to control the world manners.

Distinct barriers may resist while enjoying the game. That incorporates Giant Creatures, Enemy Buildings, Hard Situations and Less Resources. The gamer is successful in constructing an absolute base, the less trouble he/she may face inside the battleground.

The whole battle playability portrays the scenario of former strategic games. That incorporates the age of the empire series and the rebels of the kingdom. In those former games, the graphic representation was not so good. Furthermore, those former games were produced focusing on private computers. Understanding how developers gather and share your data is the first step toward safety. Depending on your use, location, and age, data privacy and security practices may change. This data was provided by the developer, who might change it in the future. Resource management is a feature of some strategy video games. The objective of these games is to advance through the game by making wise use of your resources. Food, wood, or stone are examples of the resources. They can be used to strengthen and expand your kingdom or village. To do this, you must designate personnel or structures for the collection of the resources.

First, see if the strategy game you want to play is available for free. If so, you can download it right away and start playing it on your tablet or smartphone by visiting our website.

This means the control system was produced thinking about PCs. And focusing on the computer glasses, the graphics were kept down. Those mentioned games were fortunate in obtaining fame among PS gamers. 


Some features of Colossus APK are here:

  • Breed Giant Beasts:

Defeat monster animals to get reactive ores that allow you to breed and train giant beasts as war machines to be at your ejection.

  • Almighty Alliance:

Pick from three classes that utilize distinct master plans to enjoy the game. Battle alongside your allies to construct an unstoppable empire together.

  • Customizable Base:

Discover the huge world and design a distinctive base with a variety of buildings and decorations. Choose your juniors to make rewarding explorations.

  • Dangerous Heroes:

Hire from more than a hundred stunning heroes with multiple abilities at stealing intel, leading fights, and base development.

  • High-end Arsenal:

Construct state-of-the-art tanks, vehicles, helicopters, and distinct types of missiles to wage current grand warfare against your opponents.

  • Loyal friend – big gorilla for help:

Maybe the key attribute is the real associate that will accompany Captain Brian throughout the venture. At the very start, you need to pick your monster. It could be a gorilla ten meters tall called Mike or a legendary beast – an ice gargantua that duplicates a dinosaur. 

It doesn’t matter which one you pick. It is significant that, regardless of their formidable appearance, these monsters can become loyal helpers in your mission.

  • Construct an epic base:

The supporter in Age of Colossus has to build his shelter and surround it with a high barrier to defend against opponents. This game is identical to survival: day zero in terms of dividing into goals. In each goal, the user must complete specific duties. For instance, you require upgrading general staff to the second stage.

However, you need to construct a barracks, a tank factory and a lake to do this. Each building needs assets. These assets are basically oil, steel, food, gold in Colossus APK. If you desire to finish the construction instantaneously, then you require crystals.

How to install the Colossus APK?

Once the downloading of the Colossus APK file is finished, then for installation, follow the steps given below:

  • Initially, download a new version of the APK file.
  • Then find it from the mobile storage part.
  • Now begin the installation procedure.
  • Don’t forget to permit unauthorized sources.
  • Once the installation finishes, then go to the mobile menu and start the game..

Games that use a clock or timer are known as turn-based strategy (TBS) games. Each player has a limited amount of time for their move, but there is no set time limit for each turn. While considering the choices of their fellow players, players must decide the sequence in which they will carry out these actions. Arimaa, Go, and chess are a few examples.

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