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Simulation games are constant running games, and according to some research, the players playing simulation games resulted in being more discursive, clever, and problem solvers. Simulation games run the same as real life, and while playing these games, you’ll immerse in them. Therefore, today we’re here discussing one of the best simulation games called Bus Simulator Indonesia. 

It is a Bus simulation game in which you require riding a bus on the lifelike Indonesian roads such as a local bus driver and complete goals.  Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK is the modified version of the original game. It’s featured with plenty of scripts like limitless money which tends to free boundless purchases and free service markets. 

In addition, this game will also explain to you about the controls of buses and extra features of them. While playing this game, you can create your own livery, can experience most of the Indonesian cities, and the wonderful Indonesian language containing lots of downloads and sound effects. 


Some features of Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK are here:

  • High simulation:

You must obey the traffic rules: stop the car when the light becomes red, start the bus when the light becomes yellow and drive the bus when the light becomes green. In addition, you have to switch on the headlights when it is dark, switch on the indicator when modifying the traveling direction, honk to warn, go in a proper lane, do not pass or go in the opposite direction.

  • Realistic playability:

The interior of the buses is totally practical. This game will be simpler for you if you have driven an original car. You will be surprised to understand that the interior controls, seats, steering wheel, brake, switch signal light, gear lever, rearview mirror, and all the performances are created like an original car.

  • Tailored weather:

Have you ever recalled a game that was attentively created to shift the seasons and the weather situations? Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK also offers you this experience. Weather situations will keep shifting, and you will experience rain, wind, sun, snow, and the complete day and night cycle while playing the game. Furthermore, if you don’t like specific weather, you can tailor the weather as you like! How stunning that is!

  • Graphics:

There are several games in the market that are designed on a high-resolution 3D graphics platform and use modern technologies to control post-production pictures like simulation technology or physical collision controlling. It is normally entirely heavy data. Although, in order to obtain a totally smooth experience, your gadget must have high identifications and large storage capacity to be installed and operate correctly without any mishap or lag. 

Why is the MOD version not accessible on Google Play?

There are lots of games & apps accessible on the Google Play Store, and to be there the applications require executing some set of laws as directed by Google. In the case of Bus Simulator MOD APK, it does not execute the laws set by Google because Google Play Store doesn’t offer the modded or premium version of any application. This is the cause, why this game is not accessible in the Google Play Store.

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