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App Name AOWhatsApp APK
Latest Version v6.85
AUTHOR happymodi
Size 37.7MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
License FreeWare
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AOWhatsApp APK

AOWhatsApp is based on the real version of WhatsApp, but with extra characteristics that we don’t find in the real application, unless we install other mods for it. The greatest benefit of AOWhatsApp is that we can install extra functions from its settings without requiring downloading extra APK files. This makes it very simple and straightforward to use for people who want to tailor their special messaging application.

AOWhatsApp is a modified version of real WhatsApp which is very distinct from GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp, which are also modified versions of real WhatsApp. As the name recommends, this is an unreal WhatsApp application which means it does not utilize any emoticons from the real WhatsApp.Based on the official WhatsApp app, AOWhatsApp includes capabilities that are not present in the stock app until extra mods are installed. The major benefit of AO WhatsApp is that we don’t need to download additional APK files in order to add new features—we can do it right from the settings menu. Users who wish to personalize their preferred messaging app will find it incredibly simple and pleasant to use as a result.

This will tell you why it is called WhatsApp MOD, even though it doesn’t have a real WhatsApp code. It has numerous unreal WhatsApp characteristics and is very famous with people all over the globe. We can now utilize AOWhatsApp, a MOD that directs us to be the best alternative to the real WhatsApp app that comes with many characteristics. Some users want extra functionality and that is why they turn to MOD in WhatsApp.


Some features of AOWhatsApp APK are here:

  • Hide Last Seen:

Your last seen can be covered and invisible in the modified Whatsapp. Thanks to this attribute, you can turn off your earlier scene when you’re online. After allowing this attribute of Whatsapp, your friends will observe the last seen rather than your online status. Additionally, you can also download WhatsApp and Reborn APK from any secure website.

  • Privacy Option:

Using this MOD, we can cover the last seen, hide the last seen, and numerous other privacy characteristics. So if you desire more privacy in your life, then this version of Whatsapp is the suitable selection.

  • Customization:

You can install numerous distinct Whatsapp themes with this MOD, which provides you an approach to a huge theme library. These themes can be utilized to tailor your Whatsapp totally. Such as WhatsApp transparent APK, you can tailor your fonts utilizing this modded Whatsapp. Whatsapp’s logos and colors can also be simply tailored in AO Whatsapp.

  • Fast and More Safe:

The Whatsapp MOD we offer is among the speedy and cautious in the market. Privacy and safety are assured with the MOD. We do not hide any of your private details. The insubstantial and speed of the MOD make it faster than most Whatsapp MODs. Sending and accepting messages can now be done more speedily than you’ve ever desired on Whatsapp.

  • Message Timer:

You can also set a scheduler to send messages to somebody enjoying the Whatsapp MOD APK. It lets you adjust reminders for meetings or private stuff for your colleagues. Whatsapp’s reminder attribute can aid you to obtain everything done on time.Even WhatsApp, the most widely used chat and instant messaging service worldwide, can’t fully satisfy all of its customers. Some individuals use MODs like WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, or GBWhatsApp in order to add new features to the app.You must first download the free version of the Whatsapp messaging app from the company’s website or click to download Whatsapp in order to begin using it. Once the installation process is finished, you may access the messaging feature to communicate with other WhatsApp users and learn more about the entire procedure from the website.

Check the minimum system requirements for AOWhatsApp before downloading it to make sure your device complies. Additionally, check sure your device has adequate space for the application to execute. To download it via your browser, lastly, allow “Unknown sources” in the device settings.

Amazing features that are included in the regular WhatsApp app are also present in AOWhatsApp MOD. Without a doubt, it is identical to the official WhatsApp; the only distinction is that it contains a few extra features. The mod has so far been downloaded by a large number of people worldwide and the number is increasing quickly. It is available for a wide variety of devices and platforms.

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